CC Mode Changes for CC Mode 5.14

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Changes from v4 to v5

Here are a list of user visible changes with version 5.14. See also the list of user visible changes between version 4 and version 5.

  • Support for CORBA's IDL language.

    There is now a new mode called idl-mode, with all the expected hooks, abbreviation tables, etc. Font-lock is not supported by CC Mode, but until font-lock support for IDL gets integrated into (X)Emacs, here is a file defining some IDL font-lock-keywords

  • In "java" style, c-hanging-comment-starter-p is set to nil by default to preserve Javadoc comments.

  • A new hook variable: c-initialization-hook.

    This is called only once an (X)Emacs session, when the CC Mode package is initialized.

  • The usual assortment of bug fixes.