CC Mode Changes for CC Mode 5.15

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Here are a list of user visible changes with version 5.15. See also the list of user visible changes for version 5.14.

  • A new syntactic symbol: template-args-cont, used in C++ template declarations where the argument list spans multiple lines.

  • In "java" style, c-hanging-comment-starter-p defaults to nil to preserve Javadoc starter lines.

  • Line oriented comments (i.e. C++ style comments) are now recognized by default in all modes, including C mode (as per the ANSI 9X C draft standard). Thus the function c-enable-//-in-c-mode has been removed.

  • Auto-filling of comments has been improved.

    CC Mode will now properly auto-fill both line and block oriented comments, and allows you to choose the leader string on block oriented continued comments, via the variable c-comment-continuation-stars. See the CC Mode manual for details.

  • c-electric-slash is electric in all modes.

  • The need for c-mode-19.el is automatically detected now.

    You do not need to load or require it in your .emacs file.