CC Mode Changes for CC Mode 5.24

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Here is a list of user visible changes since the last public release of 5.21. See also the user visible changes for 5.21 and earlier.

CC Mode 5.22

There was no net release of 5.22! This version went only to the XEmacs developers and was primarily a bug fix release.

CC Mode 5.23

Note: Due to the extensive changes, this version was a beta test release that was never publically announced. Here is a list of changes in that version:

  • Support for the Pike language added, along with new Pike specific syntactic symbols: inlambda, lambda-intro-cont

  • Support for Java anonymous classes via new syntactic symbol inexpr-class. New syntactic symbol inexpr-statement for Pike support and gcc-style statements inside expressions. New lineup function c-lineup-inexpr-stat.

  • New syntactic symbol brace-entry-open which is used in brace lists (i.e. static initializers) when a list entry starts with an open brace. These used to be recognized as brace-list-entry's. c-electric-brace also recognizes brace-entry-open braces (brace-list-entry's can no longer be electrified).

  • New command c-indent-line-or-region, not bound by default.

  • # is only electric when typed in the indentation of a line.

  • Improvements to M-C-h (c-mark-function)

  • Parentheses are now electric (via the new command c-electric-paren) for auto-reindenting lines when parentheses are typed.

  • In gnu style, inline-open offset is now set to zero.

  • Uniform handling of the inclass syntactic symbol.

    The indentation associated with it is now always relative to the class opening brace. This means that the indentation behavior has changed in some circumstances, but only if you've put anything besides 0 on the class-open syntactic symbol (none of the default styles do that).

  • c-enable-xemacs-performance-kludge-p is set to nil by default, since for Emacs-friendly styles (i.e. where the top-level opening brace starts in column zero) setting this variable to t can degrade performance significantly.

CC Mode 5.24

  • c-default-style can now take an association list that maps major modes to style names.

    When this variable is an alist, Java mode no longer hardcodes a setting to java style. See the variable's docstring for details.

  • It's now possible to put a list as the offset on a syntactic symbol.

    The list is evaluated recursively until a non-nil offset is found. This is useful to combine several lineup functions to act in a prioritized order on a single line. However, none of the supplied lineup functions use this feature currently.

  • New syntactic symbol catch-clause, which is used on the catch and finally lines in "try-catch" constructs in C++ and Java.

  • New cleanup brace-catch-brace on c-cleanup-list, which does for "catch" lines what brace-elseif-brace does for "else if" lines.

  • The braces of Java anonymous inner classes are treated separately from the braces of other classes in auto-newline mode.

    Two new symbols inexpr-class-open and inexpr-class-close may be used on c-hanging-braces-alist to control the automatic newlines used for anonymous classes.

  • is now the primary bug reporting address.

    This is an alias for