CC Mode Changes for CC Mode version 5

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Changes from v4 to v5

CC Mode version 5 was a major upgrade, as evidenced by the change in major revision number. Here is a list of the important user visible changes in CC Mode 5.

  • CC Mode 5 will not work with Emacs 18, and will only work with the latest Emacs and XEmacs releases.

  • c-mode-map is no longer the base keymap for all modes.

    This was incompatible with the way Emacs 19 supports menus, so now c-mode-base-map is the base map for all modes (including c-mode-map). If you are installing custom keybindings into c-mode-map and expecting them to be present in all other modes, this will break. Put your keybindings in c-mode-base-map instead.

  • The function c-electric-delete and variable c-delete-function are handled differently now, in order to accommodate the separation of the BackSpace and Delete keysyms. CC Mode now binds only the Delete keysym to c-electric-delete (which runs c-delete-function), and the BackSpace keysym to c-electric-backspace (which runs c-backspace-function). See the CC Mode manual for details.

  • The single cc-mode.el file was simply too unwieldy so I have split the file up.

    See the MANIFEST file for details.

  • Also, all user variables have been converted to Per Abrahamsen's Custom library, and all support for older Emacsen have been ripped out. See the release notes below for details of running CC Mode 5 in your version of Emacs.

  • All style variables are now global by default.

    Specifically, the default value for c-style-variables-are-local-p is nil. The same rules apply as before, only reversed: if you want the style variables to be buffer local, you should set c-style-variables-are-local-p to t before you load CC Mode.

  • The usual assortment of bug fixes, most notably for Java support.