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Byte Compiling

It is highly recommended that you byte-compile CC Mode for performance reasons. Running CC Mode non-byte-compiled is not supported.

You can compile CC Mode in the same way as any other package. To compile it from a running (X)Emacs session:

M-0 M-x byte-recompile-directory RET /path/to/cc-mode RET

To compile CC Mode from the shell:

% cd /path/to/cc-mode
% $(EMACS) -batch -no-site-file -q -f batch-byte-compile cc-*.el
where $(EMACS) is either emacs or xemacs depending on the flavor you use.


Put the compiled files somewhere (X)Emacs will find them, i.e. in some path that's in the load-path variable. You must make sure they are found before any CC Mode files which are distributed with (X)Emacs. A directory has higher precendence than all directories after it in the load-path list.

To test that you have things set up correctly, visit a C file and then type:

M-x c-version RET
=> Using CC Mode version 5.XX
where XX is the correct minor revision number.