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CC Mode used to be developed under CVS. You can get the last CVS development version, just before the conversion to Mercurial in Febrary 2012. You can also browse this historical CVS repository here.

To get the final release branch with only bug fixes and no new features, check out the patch branch, which is called Branch_5_32:

cvs login

Just press Enter at the password prompt. Then:

cvs -z3 co -rBranch_5_32 cc-mode

Checking out the final development version

The development version was on the main trunk in cvs:

cvs -z3 co cc-mode

Please don't report any bugs you might find in these versions. Instead, clone the latest Mercurial repository and report the bugs which are there. :-)

The source tree

The CC Mode source would have been in the root of the checked out tree. It's the same thing you'd find in a dist tarball (with a couple of extra files around it), so it could have been byte compiled and used straight away. You'd have found the regression test suite in the tests directory; look in 000tests.el to figure out how to use it. The admin directory probably wasn't very interesting; it just contained the source for this web site.