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The current release is 5.33. Download the source package to upgrade the version that came with your Emacs or XEmacs dist. Installation instructions are available in the README file in the tarball and on-line. Older releases can be found here.

You can also browse the individual files.

The documentation is also available in several forms. You can either browse it on-line or grab one of the pre-formatted documents generated from the texinfo source.

See the list of user visible changes since 5.32.5 and earlier versions, and the ChangeLog file for details about the bugs fixed in any patch releases made since the first 5.33 release.


Since version 5.26, CC Mode has supported the use of Filladapt mode to fill text in comments and string literals. There are however some issues with this that you should be aware of if you want to use Filladapt in CC Mode.