CC Mode Changes for CC Mode 5.33

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Changes for 5.32
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See also the user visible changes for 5.32.

Download this CC Mode version.

This version contains a few new big features,significant internal improvements, and many bug fixes.

  • Emacs 22 is no longer supported, although CC Mode might well still work with it.
    The minimum versions supported are Emacs 23.2 and the latest versions of XEmacs 21.4 and XEmacs 21.5.

  • The obsolete files cc-compat.el and cc-lobotomy.el have been removed.

  • C++11 should now be fully supported, along with some features of C++14:
    • Uniform initialisation
    • Lambda functions
    • Parameter packs
    • Raw strings
    • Separators in integer literals
    • ">>" as a double template ender
    • etc.

  • Font locking has been accelerated.

  • "Noise Macros" can be registered, for correct analysis of declarations containing them. These are identifiers, for example macros or attributes, possibly with parenthesis lists, which have no effect on the syntax of the containing declaration.

  • It is no longer necessary or desirable to call c-make-macro-with-semi-re after setting up the variables controlling this feature.

  • CC Mode now respects the user's setting of open-paren-in-column-0-is-defun-start rather than overriding it.

  • Many bugs have been fixed.